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Chavez' Move Against TV Spurs Outcry

The bespectacled talk show host grimaces into the television camera, raises a finger and accuses President Hugo Chavez of using "tropical neo-fascism to trample Venezuelans' rights."

Sweat beads up above Miguel Angel Rodriguez's eyebrows as he berates government officials, calling them liars and challenging them to prove their accusations that he is an "imperialist" pawn of the CIA.

Welcome to Radio Caracas Television, the channel Chavez loves to hate.

As he accelerates his push toward socialism, Chavez has decided that Venezuela's oldest private TV station must go off the air for good when its broadcast license expires on May 28.

"Their days are numbered. Squeal, kick, whatever they do: the license of that fascist channel is gone," Chavez said Saturday. "RCTV's signal will be nationalized for Venezuelans."

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