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New President Has Bolivia Marching To Chávez's Beat

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal describes Venezuela's growing influence in Bolivia.

Venezuelan Ambassador's op-ed

The Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.S., Bernardo Alvarez, defends his country's policies in the LA Times.

U.S. Aid Can't Win Bolivia's Love as New Suitors Emerge

U.S. Aid to Bolivia is becoming overshadowed by development efforts from Venezuela and Cuba, the New York Times reports.

Considering the role of the social missions in Venezuelan Politics

When we visited Venezuela three months ago, we learned that Venezuela is an extraordinarily polarized country. Citizens who voted in the referendum against Chavez, who live on one side of the political divide, tended to oppose his social policies and to express embarrassment at the manner in which he represented the country overseas and on the global stage. Citizens who support Chavez, who benefit from his social missions, tended to express pride in his performance in office. None of this is surprising. An article in the Financial Times reminds us, however, how much of Venezuela’s future is staked upon the success of the social missions and their ability to provide medical care and income to the impoverished millions who have previously been left out in Venezuela. These Venezuelans are the most energetic supporters of his policies and are the backbone of his political support.

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Anger toward U.S. boosts Latin America's Leftist Leaders

The Boston Globe reports on growing anti-American sentiment in Latin America, and one Congressman's attempts to reduce rhetoric and open substantive dialogue among opposing groups in Venezuela.

Chavez pulls Venezuelan envoy to Peru

CNN News
May 4, 2006

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has withdrawn his country's ambassador to Peru after Lima recalled its envoy to protest what it called Chavez's meddling in its domestic affairs, the Venezuelan state news agency said Thursday.

Chavez, a left-winger sharply at odds with the United States over influence in the region, made his announcement after a late Wednesday night meeting with ally Bolivian President Evo Morales in La Paz to discuss regional energy and trade integration.

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