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Venezuela's Chavez says he could govern until 2027 if voters approve reform

President Hugo Chavez said he could continue governing until 2027 if voters do away with re-election limits because he needs more time in office to establish a socialist economic model in Venezuela.

He has previously said he could stay on as president until 2021 if his proposed constitutional reforms — which among other changes would eliminate presidential term limits, letting him run as many more times as he wants — are approved.

Government opponents have attacked the reforms, accusing Chavez of seeking to stay in power for decades like his close friend Fidel Castro of Cuba. Chavez denies the charges and says a new constitution is necessary to move Venezuela toward socialism and help the country's poor.

"I need more time in the presidency to finish this. We are only beginning," he said Sunday on his weekly radio and television program, "Maybe until 2020 or 2027. I'd be old if I'm still alive."
His proposals would also extend presidential terms from six to seven years, and empower neighborhood-based assemblies called "communal councils."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Chavez makes it to 2027, we should seriously begin to consider the possibility that he's cloned himself.

September 16, 2007 9:29 PM


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