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Venezuelan TV Station Heads to Cable

An opposition-aligned TV station forced off the air by President Hugo Chavez will take its programming to cable television while it continues waging a legal battle to regain its broadcast license, the channel's top executive announced Wednesday.

Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV, which went off the air on May 27 after Chavez refused to renew its license, will reach viewers via cable beginning on July 16, station executive Marcel Granier said.

"Venezuelans want RCTV, and they will have it," Granier told a news conference. "Until we achieve the goal of regaining our signal we must try to return to the air as soon as possible through alternative means."

Cable reaches fewer than 30 percent of Venezuelan households.

Granier said the priority for RCTV, which was one of the few major privately-owned TV channel that was critical of Chavez's administration, is still trying to return to viewers as a regular network on the open airwaves.

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