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U.S. Raises Heat on Venezuela Over Drug Trafficking

Latin American drug cartels are using commercial airports and ports in Venezuela as a "safe base" to ship increasing quantities of cocaine to Europe, according to U.S. antidrug czar John Walters.

The comments by Mr. Walters, director of the White House's office of National Drug Control Policy, added to an escalating war of words between Venezuela and the U.S. over global narcotics trafficking.

Mr. Walters urged European nations that have better relations with Venezuela than the U.S. has to persuade President Hugo Chávez to cooperate more in combating the narcotics trade. Mr. Walters's visit to Brussels also included talks with European Union officials on drug eradication in Afghanistan.

Mr. Walters said he wasn't accusing Mr. Chávez or other senior Venezuelan officials of involvement in the trade.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really dont think that venezuela should be shipping out their drugs. just because they use it doesn't mean they should encoruage other countries. my brother got out of rehab a few months ago and i always go on sites such as and even myspace groups to try to find ways to keep him clean and i ran across alot of stories by addicts and former addicts, theyre really sad. i knew being an addict was bad but never this bad. if venezuela and other contries keep shipping out their drugs then there will be alot more sad stories such as the ones i read.

May 10, 2007 6:26 PM


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